Sneez, LLC Launches New Health Monitoring Tool

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., March 11, 2021– Health tech innovator, Sneez, LLC has launched a new web-based platform to provide health monitoring in a variety of settings, allowing behavioral health counselors and other health providers to stay connected with their patients and monitor their wellbeing and progress.

The platform, called ZwellBeing, will initially be used by CareNet Counseling, a regional NC behavioral health provider, to monitor patients with depression. “Catching a person at the beginning of a crisis and providing early intervention counseling and support is much easier and more effective than intervening after the crisis is in full swing,” says Bryan Hatcher, MDiv, LCSW, President, CareNet Counseling, Inc. “Using ZwellBeing will better equip our team to identify patients who need support before a crisis happens, hopefully lessening the impact or preventing it all together.”

Sneez, LLC is no stranger to health monitoring. The company got its start in 2016, when it launched the Sneez app, the first real-time illness tracking app. In 2019, the company expanded its scope via partnerships with both Wake Forest Baptist Health and Atrium Health. Then, in mid-2020, Sneez, LLC used its expertise to create SneezSafe, a web-based Covid-19 symptom screening tool designed to help businesses and universities operate safely in the midst of the pandemic, connecting users to testing and care when indicated by symptoms or exposures. The tool has been used nearly a million times, and its dozens of clients include Wake Forest University, Flow Automotive and Richard Childress Racing.

“As we gained traction with SneezSafe, we realized there were countless situations where health providers could use such an application to stay connected with their patients, monitoring their overall health and wellbeing, on an ongoing basis, or following a new diagnosis or recent medical discharge. When we began to build the platform, we were many months into the pandemic, so engaging with those struggling with depression emerged as a priority for the initial launch.  We believe that the value of the new ZwellBeing platform extends far beyond behavioral health. Convenient, digitally-assisted engagement and connection are the future of patient care,” says Danielle Lamphier, CEO.

ZwellBeing is a web-based tool that can be accessed from any browser on any web-enabled device, such as a phone, tablet or computer. Patients register at the request of a provider and receive timely, regular text or email messages inviting them to complete a simple three to ten question survey. The responses are processed in real-time, resulting in one of several customizable outcomes, including an option to connect directly to the counselor, provider office or triage staff when needed. Simultaneously, responses are captured and made available to care providers in a secure registry dashboard, enabling staff to monitor individual patients or a group of patients, quickly and easily in real time, and focus on those who need additional care or follow-up.

The ZwellBeing platform is simple to use for both patients and providers, is customizable, and is flexible enough to be used for a broad range of health and wellbeing needs. In addition to mental wellbeing, the ZwellBeing platform can also be used to help monitor those with chronic health conditions, recent hospital discharges, ADHD, burnout and more.  It also has utility in the clinical research space. In some circumstances, the ZwellBeing platform can be a billable service for certain providers.

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About Sneez, LLC

Sneez, LLC, uses technology and health data integration to help communities stay informed and healthy. The Sneez brand was born when pediatric doctors, William Satterwhite, JD, MD and Steven Hodges, MD, created the Sneez app in 2016 – the first of its kind real-time illness tracking app. The Sneez app uses diagnosis data from local physicians and urgent care locations to inform the public of a variety of sicknesses occurring in their specific geography, including flu, colds, strep throat and other common illnesses. This data is used to create a virtual heat map of illnesses circulating in local communities by zip code. The app also helps consumers and their families connect with local healthcare providers through scheduling in-office and virtual visits with providers, as well as equipping users with helpful information such as the wait times at their local emergency room.

Sneez, LLC also created two web-based platforms for health screening and care – SneezSafe and ZwellBeing. SneezSafe screens employees and other community members for COVID-19 through a simple daily survey and connects them with healthcare providers for evaluation and treatment. It is also in use as part of the Covid-19 Community Research Partnership Study at Campbell, Vidant, Tulane University Medical Center and Wake Forest University Health Sciences. ZwellBeing helps providers stay connected to their patients, monitoring their health and well-being in real-time and addressing needs when appropriate. For more information, please visit, and